Aleksandar Tatic:Think what you think through product image.


Aleksandar Tatic, born 1969 in Cologne, Germany, is product designer and founder of Tatic Designstudio in Milan, Italy. After his studies at the Art Center College of Design in the USA and Switzerland, he specialised in his focal areas, sports and lifestyle products, in various international agencies in London and Milan. Afterwards, he guided the multiple award-winning Italian design studio Attivo Creative Resource to international success, leading the agency for 12 years. Together with his multicultural team of designers and product specialists, he today designs and develops – amongst others – sailing yachts, sporting goods, power tools, FMCGs and consumer electronics for European and Asian premium brands. Aleksandar Tatic lectures practice-oriented industrial design and innovation management at various European universities and seminars.

Q:As a juror of Contemparory Good Design for the second time, what do you expect from this year’s entries?
A:I would expect the same elevated level of design quality as we faced last year. Due to the immense publicity and interest the CGD received in its first year, I also expect an even higher number of entries, and that will mean even more and longer discussions within the jury teams, which I am looking forward to.

Q:As a designer, you have won many international awards. When you become a juror, will there be a shift of your focus upon seeing a product?
A:Being a professional designer helps you to see a different side of a product in the judging process:
Usually, a design award jury, but also users and consumers, can only evaluate what is in front of them. One may only guess the challenges, pains and obstacles the product’s designer had to face while developing it. But all these aspects have strongly influenced the product’s final appearance and function.
When a juror is also a designer himself, he will try to see beyond the surface of the product and look for the challenges its designer was up against during the development process.

Q:From your point of view, how do the design awards and the designers complement (or benefit from) each other?
A:Designers and awards help each other getting noticed. An award with many entries is publicized and promoted by all those contenders and winners, and, therefore, also gives visibility to the individual designers. And of course then the winning designers’ and companies’ competitors want to win an award the next time around, which means even more entries and more visibility in the following edition of the award.
All this visibility and publicity is represented by the winning entries. And here is another aspect where both, designers and awards benefit from each other: Companies and designers will send their most innovative, highest quality designs into the race which in return gives the award the same innovative and premium design-quality appeal.