A Toy Company Dealing with Wild Kids


Do your wild kids ever stop doing damages? What you need is 4M—a toy company from Hong Kong specifically dealing with wild kids. 

Pollution on earth is increasingly serious and green lifestyle is the trend. The Hong Kong toy brand 4M has designed a toy series named Green Science, which is intended to arouse the interest of the new generation in environmental protection and science. Green Science has a history of 8 years and has won the Red Dot Design Award Winner 2015. This year, 4M was chosen among 999 entries as winner of 2015 China Good Design award co-organized by Red Dot Design Award and Xiamen Culture Media Group and was exhibited at Xiamen International Design Week - Red Dot in China 2015.



Learn about Environment Protection and Improve the Future


Green Science is a series of educational toys combining environmental protection and scientific knowledge. Every piece of Green Science products teaches children a different ecological theme,  including wind power generation and solar power, so as to evoke children’s awareness of environmental issues. HuangYingjie, the designer of 4M, remarked, “ Developing children’s knowledge of environmental protection is the first step in improving future environment.” He hopes that children can learn about environmental protection from toys.



Be Creativeand Turn Wastes into Toys


MaiFengwen, the product design manager of 4M, added, “ What we think of as wastes can in fact be turned into little toys.”  Eco Science Toys, a product of the Green Science series, is designed to encourage children to be creative and turn wastes, including tin cans, plastic bottles and old CDs, into toys. In this way, children can not only learn about protecting environment, but also develop the sense of thinking outside the box.



Learn Scientific Knowledge from Failures


Aparent commented that children might face difficulties when playing with 4Mtoys;  for example,  in Grow-A-Maze, the plants did not grow along the preplanned path, which upset her daughter, however, she finally succeeded after a few times of modification. Some parents think that failures are important in the learning of kids. 4M toys can teach children patience, observation and problem solving. Moreover, 4M toys enable children to learn abstruse scientific facts. For instance, from Grow-A-Maze, children can learn that plants need water and sunlight to grow and furthermore pay attention to environment pollution.


With these educational, creative and interesting toys, mothers finally don’t need to worry about their wild kids any more.

(TheGreen Science series of 4M won China Good Design Winner 2015.)