Mini is More


Tea is an essential beverage in Chinese people’s life and one of the top-three beverages in the world. However, most tea set products in the market have their disadvantages including uninsulated material and difficulty to carry as well asawkward usage for the lefties. After thorough market researches, the Pertouch Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd cooperated with Balance Design from Japan and created the “Mini Tea Set T1”.


″After communicating and designing for more than sixty days, we finalized the scheme originated from traditional Chinese gardens. It is an elegant, simple andexquisite design with oriental aesthetic value”, introduced the Pertouch team. The Mini Tea Set T1 is indeed mini,  meanwhile maintains a high standard oftea-tasting. The designers put a whole tea set into a box of less than 0.0013m³. Weighing only 680g,  Mini Tea Set T1 is portable and suitable fortraveling,  workplace and home.  Upholding the concept of less is more,  the designers pay attention to every detail of this product and balance its simple appearance with sufficient functions.


Apart from its simplicity,  Mini Tea Set T1 is also easy to use, as the Pertouch tea mattaches importance to the tea-tasting experience of users. The rounded teapotis suitable for both right-handers and left-handers; the double-layer insulated material reduces heat by approximately 40%;  the ultra-thin eco-friendly heat-resistant ABS teaboard is light, solid and easy to wash; and the 15 drains speed up the process of draining. The 12 details of user experience and breakthrough in its appearance make Mini Tea Set T1 simple, natural and humane.


With its simple design and excellent user experience, Mini Tea Set T1 received the Gold Winner of the first China Good Design Award and won the favor of CGD judges. Mårten Claesson, Co-founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune remarked,  “ The design of this tea set is both functional and poetic. It is the most impressive product of this year’sCGD Award.”  Martin Darbyshire,  Founder of tangerine, commented,  “ This tea set has Chinese characteristics and is a beautiful China Good Design. All of the judges like the design very much.”