Robots Save Lazybones


A topic repetitively talked about in Hollywood films is artificial intelligent robots. Sky’s the limit for human’s imagination. In the films, artificial intelligent robots can do anything for human beings. For example, WALL-E candispose rubbish, maintain himself and even fall for another robot; and Chappiecan learn by himself, chat with people and also have his own emotions like the human beings.

Although ordinary robots can only do clean-ups or remote monitoring at present, we know that a lot of the visions will come to reality in the near future and robots will be able to finish daily chores for us. 

Today, we shall take a look at how the 2015 CGD award-winning household robots save the day for lazybones.

DeebotSlim 3s

The DEEBOT Slim3s is an intelligent cleaning robot with only 60mm high slim body. The robot is allowed to enter the inaccessible zone like under the furniture. And there movable universal wheel design can be easily detached when cleaning needed. Compared with the old version DEEBOT Slim was improved with an additional soft bumper, more sensitive to avoid obstacles and more excellent overcome anobstacle with floating wheel. 


As ageneral indoor service robot, Ming Innovation Robot is used in in door plane environment. It could be on automatic cruise according to the set paths done byusers or be on remote control with iPhone or iPad control instructions byusers.  Besides,  Ming Innovation Robot is also equipped with the following features: 1. Feature of facial recognition. It can distinguish facial expressions of human beings and interact with them. 2. Feature of speech recognition. Users could give instructions to the robot with speech. 3.Self-balancing feature. The robot could walk upright with both wheels, keepaway from barriers, recognize human ahead in automatic cruise and stop to wait for an interaction with users. 4. Indoor positioning feature. The robot could move automatically with indoor positional information and server indoor positioning algorithm. 5. Bottom support feature. The robot will lay down the support framefor balance when it interacts with human, sleeps, stops service or is with lowpower. 6. Video communication feature. Users could make video communication with the robot.  And the robot could also seize site conditions through video and return them to users.



Atmobot 3s is a robotic air purifier, his core philosophyis “mobile air purification”. Started with a tap, the robots Laser Detect System establishes avirtual map, dividing space into sections for movement and purification of air. Contained with smart sensors to detect particles, odors and monitoring temperature and humidity. Users can use the APP on their mobile to remote the Atmobot. The indicator light on top of the robot allows users to continually read the real-time air quality at home. Atmobot use non painted material for the whole body.