Change Your Life with Good Designs


Professor Liu Guanzhong,  a leading figureof China’s industrial design,  once remarked,  “ Design is not the purpose, but the solution.” Good household designs shall rid you of unnecessary worries after a long day’s work. Today, we shall take a look at how the first China Good Design winners improve the quality of life and enhance the sense of happiness.

CHiQ Cinema System

CHiQ Cinema System is a laser TV capable of projecting images with a size of up to 100“—150“ from a short distance.

It uses  the laserdiode display technology to  make the projection screen clear and sharp, and even in the condition of lamplight opening, the images can also keep good brightness.

 Equipped with Wi-Fiand Bluetooth, the laser TV easily connects to the Internet or other compatible devices. With its integrated 2.1 sound system, no additional speakers are required. Autofocus function can complete a key focus, projecting a perfect image. Unique grid design makes it only produce 25 db (A) noise.

For the high-end consumption crowd of pursuing private theater, CHiQ Cinema System designs multi-level grid integrating with furniturestyle and reflecting the design style of the electrical appliances trending to the household furniture. It can provide private cinema effect with specialty and aesthetics. 


Xess is the very first generation of 17.3 inch BigPad device. TCL creates Xess as the perfect  BIG format for family-oriented lifestyle modes and multitude of uses in home or at work.

The life style product definition makes Xess not only keep the technical feeling, also by using ‘Circle’ elements to give multi-scenario usage. The slim, 9.15mm form hides a built-in stand, stylus and slide-out carrying handle. The stand allows users to position Xess at four scenarios:  flat for gaming and family fun;  30° fordrawing and sketching;  50°  for cooking and 75°  for watching videos. The pop-up port gives user the possible toline to other device through USB or headphone jack when needed.

Xess also have the perfect size for creation.  Xess’s built-in stylus in spires user creativity with the pre-embedded application and offers a variety of different bushes, colors and effects. 

TCL also brings life Modes idea into Xess, creates family easy style,  to let user enjoy ‘u Life’ attitude with family and every moments of your life.  User can easily change Xess from cooking mode to family mode by the difference of using scenario brings. With Xess, family life never has been so easy and comfortable.

K1 Smart Home DIY Kit

The K1, the ultimate home automationand security center,  is smanos’s latest wireless smart home gateway, combining butler and guard functions into a stack of aesthetically pleasing round discs. The discs come with aluminum frames and texturized plastic surfaces, suitable for everyday use. Smart home technology can be misconstrued to only work for the gadget-savvy group and appears to be daunting for kids and elder lies to use. Smanos K1 connects up to 50 wireless accessories with ease, and its intuitive operation both on-site and on the smartphone is abreeze. Users, young or old, can rely on their basic senses to see, hear or touching to check if K1-enabled things at home are working properly. Such connected but wireless things include lights, appliances, intercoms, locks, cameras, and alarm sensors and detectors. Comparable with high-caliber smartphones these days,  smanos K1 is easily mount-and-play, and adding/removingfeatures is just like adding/removing smartphone apps. With such intuitive operation, gesture-based password protection and self-learning capability, yours mart and connected home has just become that much more adorable and affordable with smanos K1.