“Ironman” at Your Service


Every skyscraper needs a group of windows cleaners to work as “Spidermen” in order to keep its spotlessness. However, working at elevated heights is hazardous and difficult. We are not Spiderman after all, so we need the “Ironman” Winbot— a CGD Gold Winner 2015— at ourservice.


Winbot 9s is an intelligent window- cleaning robot designed by ECOVACS. It alters the traditional cleaning mode and brings users a brand new experience. The Winbot series are the first type of window- cleaning robots in China. It breaks the limitations of human labor and relieves people of the danger of window- cleaning.


The inspirations of this design come fromsci-fi movies, as is reflected from its minimalist appearance decorated by geometric texture. Winbot is composed of a mobile unit and a cleaning unit. The mobile unit attaches to the window with double vacuum suction cups and is able to move according to the planned route,  while the cleaning unit is in charge of cleaning along the way. This way of movement is both flexible and efficient. Moreover,  the corners and edges can also be covered and cleaned.


To yield convenience and comfort to the users, Winbot combines a traditional-style handle with soft materials. The simplified keyboard is easy to understand and use. With five layers of safety guarantee, Winbot will automatically turn into a pre-warning mechanism in emergencies.


ECOVAS Robotics Co., Ltd. focuses on the development,  design,  production and selling of domestic service robots. It has a complete world-leading service robot product-line,  the products including the floor-cleaning robot Deebot, the window-cleaning robot Winbot, the air-purging robot Atmobot and the housekeeping robot Famibot.


(Winbot 9s was honored as CGD Gold Winner2015.)