Please Let Me Work Here! | “The Path to Success” 2016


Whether employees can devote themselves entirely to the company doesn’t merely depend on the amount of salaries. Elements like corporate culture and working environment also count. A desirable working place is an indicator of corporate strength and can motivate employees to work more actively. ( Dear bosses, take actions right now to offer a better working environment for your employees.)


DAHUA Video Conference System

2016 China Good Design Award Winner

Manufacturer: Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: In-house Design - Liu Wenjuan, Chen Li and He Haiyang

DAHUA Video Conference System aims to offer an overall solution and brand-new meeting experience with high-definition video experience, high fidelity audio quality and facilitation function operation. It is perfect to meet various needs including business communication, project discussion, work report, mobile office, training summary, emergency lineage command and so on.

This series of the product includes terminal machine, remote controller, IP camera, split type terminal cascade microphone, microphone full term. The specific collection can be varied according to different meeting places. In other words, it can be applied in small mediums as well as large conference rooms.

The appearances of products are designed with a high-tech and business taste.


Smart Living Desktop System

2016 China Good Design Award Honourable Mention

Manufacturer: Shanutec Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Design: Gan Yihong from Ayu Design


The Smart Desktop system, designed to be used in offices, consists of1 desk frame and 3 office supply products. This product aims to solve common issues such as cable clutter and restrictive space utilization.


The desk frame is supported on both sides with brackets, so that the shelf can rotate and therefore be used to place items on, as well as provide convenient access to electricity as it is embedded with a power track. Products that are compatible with said power track can now be powered by simply being inserted in the rail anywhere on the shelf, making exposed wires obsolete.


The analog clock hands and the electronic alarm clock on the ‘Repetition clock’ combine to serve as a reminder of how quickly time can pass. The multifunctional desk lamp uses two different light sources, the circular aperture for atmospheric mood lighting, and the LED on the lamp body for direct lighting without being strenuous on the eyes.



2016 China Good Design Award Winner

Manufacturer: Shanghai KACO Industrial Co., Ltd.

Design: In-house Design - Lin Fan

The core writing functional parts are made in Germany. Nib, ink feeder, converter are made by SCHMIDT. The stable ink feeding system guarantees the first writing in 30 seconds with good interim writing and smooth as well as non-stop writing.

Front part is made of ABS material, featuring frosted translucent surface treatment and ecological triangular shape for easy daily writing.

The body of the pen is made of polycarbonate material with high durability. And the ink is toxic free with vivid fashion colors.



2016 China Good Design Award Winner

Manufacturer: Fujian GIOT Information and Technology Co., Ltd.

Design: Plays Studio

UTRA smart flash disk compactly integrates USB storage and remote monitoring unit into one small body. With bluetooth 4.0, UTRA can be paired with smart phone and controlled via UTRA application. 

The functions such as lock / unlock, location recording, calling and searching can smartly reduce its risk of lost and secure stored data.

The design of UTRA is sleek with simplicity. The metal extrusion body highlights its solid and compact characteristic. With its reduced design and multi-functions, UTRA is a small yet powerful USB drive for both official and personal use. 



2016 China Good Design Award Honourable Mention

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Sunon Furniture Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Design: In-house Design - Zhang Xujun, Xia Pingping, Ge Hailin and Xia Weiwei 

The concept of Lambor series is to create an intelligent and healthy office space.


The executive desk's height can be controlled by bottoms which can commit some height to memory by voice and the height of human body. The filing cabinet has a resilient electric drawer.


 Lifting function enables users to freely switch mode of operation, sitting or standing and creates a healthy office environment.

The Lambor series is intelligent, environmentally friendly and efficient. It serves as a close personal assistant to consumers!