Thinner TV | “The Path to Success” 2016


The rapid advancement of technology enables electronic products to get thinner and thinner. There is no exception for TV. Thinner TV meets the aesthetic need of people today and spares more room for the limited house space.

Even though most people choose to watch movies on computers, TV still serves as a facilitator to strengthen the bond of family when all members sit together to enjoy leisure time. Thus, it is important to buy a good TV to share a good time with your parents. There are various thin TV in 2016 CDG award winning products.


Skyworth G7 TV

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronic Co., Ltd.

Design: In-house Design

Skyworth G7 is a LED TV series targeted for middle and high level market. It has 4 color LED screen with mainstream technical features. It follows the design concepts of G7 series products to be friendly, decorative and compatible to household furnishing style. The target consumers are women aged at 20 to 35. They don't follow the regular trend blindly and demand to buy products with elegant appearance and delicate craft. They also care about the cost and try to buy products with super performance and proper price.


G7 is mainly in white well matched with rose gold middle frame and stand to make the living room more fashionable. The speaker mesh is in chocolate. It looks warm and gentle, appealing to women. White pearly VCM backboard is used to not only ensure great strength but also present 360° visual effect. The TV is in round lines making consumers feel secure. Even the metal middle frame is processed with warm color and sand blasting technology to be closer to consumers. The ballet-shoe shaped stand props up the TV from both sides to highlight the ultra slimness and lightness. The front positioned straight sound bar provides superb sound effect and experience.


Xiaomi TV 3S

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Beijing Xiaomi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Design: Beijing Xiaomi Electronics Co., Ltd.


Xiaomi TV 3S is a high-end large-size super thin curved TV produced by Xiaomi. Based on the design of immersive experience, Xiaomi pursues the essence of audiovisual with ultra-narrow frame and super thin design to minimize the impact of shape to viewing experience. 

Ultra-slim, 65-inch large curved screen, Xiaomi TV 3S delivers an ultra-slim 5.9mm thinness with original import Samsung's curved 4K screen. The Curved 4000R Golden curvature presents theater-like visual presence.


FunTV U1

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Mtc Co., Ltd. 

Design: In-house Design - Wu Zhaojian


The 4K Ultra HD Internet TV utilizes ultimate minimalist design and the excellent manufacturing processes is extraordinarily competitive. The totally natural non-screw design combines anodized aluminum ultra-slim bezel and brushed metal back cover. The simple friendly interface makes it effortless and exhilarating for Smart TV users. 

The brilliant P2P buffering technique leads innovative high speed video playback. It can navigate through a large media content database and exclusive applications for the whole family with more fun and enjoyment. Thus, it can make TV once again become the center of entertainment at home.



2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited

Design: TCL Multimedia Innovation Center

X1 is 65" curved TV centered in providing the best combination between picture quality and sound. It is fully equipped with an incredible compact local dimming solution. This technology allows controlling the dials individually to enhance the contrast between the dark and bright areas.

It also features an innovative approach on sound solutions for TV, where the speaker bar is hanging from the bottom of the TV instead of being embedded inside. This solution allows delivering an outstanding "A" sound quality using less volume. The speaker bar is popping out on the front and the audio components are exposed to visually emphasize the audio performance.

Every detail is carefully conceived to create a long-lasting classic master piece. This TV hides every screw and technical details, and provides a solution to manage the cables on the back, resulting in a clean uncluttered all round design piece. Users also participate in defining the final outlook of the product to match their own style by changing the front speaker cover. These accessory pieces are simply connected to the TV by magnets which provides a wide range of colors and materials to customize the TV.


W78 Curved TV

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Whaley Technology

Design: In-house Design - Xu Zongshuai, Liang Qiujie, Liu Xiangcheng,Wang Zhengxian, Tian Yu, Deng Zengzhu


The Whaley curved surface fission TV is put in the innovative fission concept and consists of totally separated host-machine and displaying end. The hosting is designed with the unique style of cylinder shape and with the home-feeling design of the innovative entrant sound woven cloth. The sound-entrance ratio can reach as high as 98%. Under the fashionable appearance, it has the innovative touch-control pressing design, and thus only by touching and moving, you can deal with the complex work. The brand new design concept enables the sound module of the hosting to be used independently as a wireless Bluetooth voice box.

W78 displaying end uses R4000 golden curved screen with a crescent arc base which is manufactured by one kiloton mental casting processing and matches perfectly with the arc screen. The simple and smooth steeped skin-texture-like back cover that uses the fire-proof material and nanometer plastic sucking moulding technique, whose heat dissipation holes of top and bottom can form convection current which can contribute to rejecting of heat and make the design more fashionable and of more use.