A Lamp to Light up the Journey of Design | “The Path to Success” 2016


Though the CGD Award Ceremony 2016 concluded, the journey of design shall never come to an end. Let us begin the review of the 2016 CGD award winning products by introducing the lighting design.


Crasis T800 Series

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

ManufacturerXiamen Dream-Maker Infor Technology Co., Ltd.

DesignYishuokang Technology Co., Ltd. 



This is one kind of innovative eye protection lamp with household professional level. It's our first attempt for DIY modular structural design, within five seconds of lightning assembly and disassembly without any screws. 24 embedded efficient LED lights offer the formation featuring matrix, natural white, warm light pastel tones, uniform illumination, intelligent memory, touch-sensitivity and tactile bump 4-speed dimming with USB output. 

Specialized in eye protection, we are in the pursuit of the crashing quality! Unique protection design of embedded light guide, it prevents the eyes from anti-side light leak damage and blinding. "See the light, but without light source". 90% of the contact surface is used for anodized aluminum alloy sandblasting, waterproof, anti-scratch and never fades, easy to dissipate the heat. Exceptional quality, brief but not simple! 


Intelligent Kapsel Lamp

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

ManufacturerGuangdong ELX Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

DesignIDesign Industrial Design Co., Ltd.



One new type of LED lights whose innovations are as follows: 

1.The shape is like a capsule, small but full of vitality, breaking through the existing mechanical form of led bulb. 

2. It creates light in all direction and breaks the limitation of a traditional LED bulb’s lighting degree.

3. The lampshade uses light diffusion PC material, making a more efficient uniform diffusion of the light. 

4The heat sink (aluminum or heat-conductive plastics) is empty inside and can improve the cooling efficiency.

5. It assembles more conveniently and quickly and saves the time of manual work. 


MEMO - Innovative mobile lighting

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd. 

Design: Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd. 


Explore the desktop LED lighting solution.

According to the analysis of lighting solution by general table lamp, we combine the users’ behavior with lighting needs, looking forward to digging a new lighting experience. The height of table lamps' light source is close to the line of users' sight, which makes it easier for users to utilize.

The uncertainty of users’ behavior determines that the environment lighting can't meet all the lighting requirements, but MEMO makes up for this.



Innovative desktop LED lighting solution: it illuminates the front desktop area by the uniform light given out from the position which is close to the desktop. Users' eyes are above the light, and there is no glare when lighting due to its unique structure and optical design

A brand-new style of lamp: it looks like a desktop item more than a lamp. It gives no tension in space which general table lamp does.

Good user experience: MEMO has good portability with electric storage function, which can be applied to different environments well.



2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

ManufacturerXiamen Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd.

Design: Xiamen Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd.

It aims to integrate lamp into the interior room.

When designing, it breaks through the traditional pattern and the visual differentiation between light on and light off. On the material aspect, it combines the copper with porcelain skillfully.

EMPTO contains a light emitting area which is an entity and a hole as an operation function part. The finger slides through the hole area to control light brightness. The product design makes user's operation sensible and easy. The hole is exaggerated to make sure that it can also be operated easily and correctly.


1. Touch the copper part lightly to turn on the lamp.

2. When the finger slides to the wide side, it brightens. And it dims on the other side.

3. Touch the copper part lightly again to turn off the lamp. When the lamp lights on next time, the brightness will keep the same as when it was closed last time.

The "EMPTO" lamp is inspired by the pebbles. Its appearance is natural and comfortable. It combines the copper and porcelain material together. The oxidation effect of the copper surface enhances the natural feeling of the product.



2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Xiamen Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd.

DesignXiamen Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd.


Nowadays, people sit in front of table much more than before because of heavy reading, studying and working. With the heavy burden of eyes, it appears that more and more people put on glass. When staying in an environment with poor light evenness for a long time, people's eyes will get tired easily.

Different position of the light will adjust the brightness automatically according to the distance from the desktop. The farther, the brighter. When the lamp is in a horizontal position, it comes to the same brightness. That ensures the uniform desktop lighting.

The light source is fixed to the thin lamp pole by glue. The pole design makes the lamp seem more lightweight in the space. The glue can also mix the light to be uniform. The base is made of wood with texture like water flowing. The touch operation part is designed as a hill, forming a whole natural artistic conception of landscape. The thin lamp pole stands on the water-like base with the elegance of dead branches. And the lamp provides a wide range of lighting desktop through a long light area.


WOW OLED Lighting Family

2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Zhongshan Lierjia Lighting & Electronics Co., Ltd.

DesignDesign 21g Co., Ltd.


WOW is a collection of floor, wall, table and hanging lights. The project gives full play to the characteristic of OLED and goes beyond established boundaries of lamp thickness. 

With the thickness of 5mm, the minimalist designed lamps disappear in the environment and left only the luminous environment. The symbolic design brings lighting back to the essentials. 

The users interact with the luminous environment rather than the lamps itself. As an emerging light source, compared with LED, OLED is glare-free, uv-free and produces no heat. The project is trying to take its commercial application in lighting area a step further.



2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

ManufacturerSeed Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

DesignSeed Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

PLANET embodies and represents the SEED ideology. It took design geniuses tiresome years to overcome a myriad of technical challenges, but finally, the PLANET has been produced. 

PlANET is incredibly polished and sophisticated. The multi-adjustable parts provide the users the flexibility to meet their every need. 

Combining intelligent design with innovative aesthetics, the PLANET is ready to tenderly emit a moon-like illumination through genuine copper gear.



2016 China Good Design Award Winner 

Manufacturer: Seed Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

Design: Seed Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

A legendary wise man named Bodhidharma spent nine years in quest to uncover the truth to Buddhism. He was so strong-minded that nothing could challenge his determination.

In reverence to the legendary sage, we would like to demonstrate his dynamic spirit and unwavering attitude. We hereby unveil DAMO. DAMO not only crafts a sense of serenity. It also instills utmost vitality through its brightness, clarifying your innermost thoughts when needed.

This collection offers pendant and table lamp, with three colors available, copper, matt black as well as matt brass.