Slow-Life Design Aesthetics Leads to Success in Contemparory Good Design Award


On June 22, 2018, the Contemparory Good Design Award (CGD) Gold Winner Salon was held in Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province, inviting design elites to gather and shared their insights on the slow-life design aesthetic against the background of booming industrial design. Guests included Yang Kang, Technical Director of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd; Meng Fanwei, Design Director of Supor Cookware Co., Ltd; Zhang Fei, Founder of belaDesign; Gao Fenglin, Founder of NANOIN DESIGN.


Guests at the salon


“Design is supposed to undertake social responsibility and make contribution to the society with a heart of gratitude. The Contemparory Good Design Award, as a platform to discover design talents, has been constantly providing versatile designers and making them and their outstanding designs be known by the public.”

Yang Kang, Director of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.


It has been a social concern that versatile industrial designers are highly demanded as they play a leading role in the rapidly developing society. Yang Kang pointed out that designers should be versatile talents who acquire interdisciplinary knowledge. As the more know-how they command, the better services they can offer to their clients so as to make more contribution to their company and create more value to the society.

In Yang Kang’s opinion, designing is about balancing. As he explained, what’s more difficult yet more significant in design is to strike a balance among different problems and resources with a holistic point of view to make an appropriate decision, rather than to figure out the “best answer”: for instance, a balance among technology conditions, user experience and marketing; a balance among time, workforce and capital; a balance between simplicity and complexity, between rational thinking and perceptual thinking, etc. 

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Wireless Network Camera-TF1, CGD Winner 2017 

“Design is essentially a sort of aesthetics of slow life, focusing on every tiny detail and the improvement of user experience.”

Meng Fanwei, Director of Supor Cookware Co., Ltd.

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According to Meng Fanwei, the procedure to make a pot wok is basically the same with that to produce a vehicle, which is evaluated in accordance with strict standards from materials to techniques and fascinates with both function and aesthetics in design. Besides, he says the indigenization design complying with easterners’ usage operation is crucial for Supor to run ahead of other competitors, adding that Supor’s creativity comes from the nature and its harmony. Taking the CGD-awarded Cast Iron Collection for the example, the design of the wok handle is inspired by beautiful curves of the splashing in the lake, and the cover lid is designed after the graceful tracks of the birds hovering above the water.


“Design is to show the harmony which is an interpretation of the nature, and the designers’ spirit will be read through the balance in appeal, through clean lines, technology and tuition for creativity”, concluded by Meng Fanwei. 

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Cast Iron Collection, CGD Winner 2017

“Designing, similar to ‘suturing’, is a process of continuous perfection. Even the invisible parts of a product can be operated perfectly and seamlessly.”

Zhang Fei, Founder of belaDesign

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Facing the hustle and bustle in life and the stress at work, people are prone to get fidget so they need a piece of sound of pureness. Zhang Fei exhibited some CGD-awarded products such as LED Lighthouse (CGD Gold Winner 2015) and Wood Phone Speaker (CGD Winner 2017), which offer a good combination of technology and simplicity. In Zhang Fei’s introduction, an analog of “suturing” was used to describe his team’s efforts in design in recent years: perfecting the whole design little by little with an eye on the specifics, which was exemplified by Music Wood, a CGD-winning product in pursuit of particularly beautiful sound. Lastly, Zhang Fei specifically acknowledged CGD’s support for the designers’ brands in promoting fine designs.

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Music Wood, CGD Honourable Mention 2015

“The future development of commercial brands tends to promote user experience with design thinking and approaches.”

Gao Fenglin, Founder of NANOIN Design

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By introducing the topic of “Meditation & Rest” and the CGD Gold Winner Meditation Seat Ware, Gao Fenglin talked about NANOIN’s planning on branding and product design. The Meditation Seat Ware, rooted in the cultural characteristics of eastern philosophy, explores the possibility of new sitting positions from the perspective of ergonomics, and helps the users sit cross-legged while maintains the body’s energy through a proper position. The experiment has shaping the future trend of NANOIN’s product design, and will broaden new ways of thinking in design. As Gao Fenglin reckoned, the user experience is a criterion to evaluate a product, and the users’ actual needs should thus be the starting point for a design.

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Meditation Seat Ware, CGD Gold Winner 2016


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The CGD Gold Winner Salon in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China