CGD Exhibition “The Path to Renaissance” Shines in Florence Design Week


Local time 6pm July 14, 2018, Contemparory Good Design exhibition “The Path to Renaissance” opened in Palazzo Magnani Feroni in Florence, Italy, with over 50 CGD awarded products displayed. 


The CGD exhibition “The Path to Renaissance”


Guests from diplomatic, cultural, arts and design circles including Consul Yan Jinlin of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Florence; Alessandro Pumpo, CEO of Florence Design Week (FDW); Valentina Gensini, President of Florence Modern Art Association; Luigi Trenti, President of Tuscan Design Museum attended the opening ceremony.


Group photo of guests

Consul Yan Jinlin from Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Florence paid a special trip to and made a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He expressed the pleasure for this successfully held exhibition in Florence. As he stressed, since Contemparory Good Design Award is a witness of Chinese top design and Italy possesses strong power in product design with long history, similar exhibitions involving bilateral cooperation are thus welcomed for it facilitates the Sino-Italian cultural exchange and industrial revitalization. 


Yan Jinlin, Consul of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Florence, expressed deep appreciation for the CGD awarded designs

At the invitation of Florence Design Week (FDW) and under guidance of the Culture Industry Department of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, this exhibition was organized by Central Academy of Cultural Administration(CACA) and supported by Cultural Industry Creative Design Alliance, Supporting Program for Creative Talents & Entrepreneurship of Cultural Industry (SPECT) and Contemparory Good Design Award (CGD). In his speech, Sui Jilin, Vice President from CACA said that the exhibition interprets the Chinese designers’ ideas for oriental culture heritage and innovation, creative combination of design and technology, and it offers an intuitive perspective for the world to further understand the development and advantages of Chinese creativity. He hoped that cultural agencies would grasp the opportunity and learn from successful cases to deepen exchange in culture and creativity section, so as to help more Chinese good designs go global. 


Sui Jilin (L), Vice President of Central Academy of Cultural Administration and

Alessandro Pumpo (R), CEO of Florence Design Week

The rapid improvement of living enables the Chinese young generations to further explore their spiritual life. With a keen sense of this trend and an aim to promote Chinese cultural industry, Chinese government implements structural reform in many fields. Under the background, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism laid out the SPECT. This plan is considered as a revolution in culture putting emphasis on visual communication, product design, traditional craft, cultural and creativity products of museum, tourism and architecture, etc., and will be a significant support for talents cultivation, for promoting the integration and development of culture and creativity, design service and relevant industries. Many young talents could therefore play a leading role in the promoting culture and creativity section and economy due to this plan. 


Huntas, CGD Winner 2017


1More Gaming Headphone, CGD Winner 2017


Monkey King Board Game, CGD Winner 2017


Italy locates in the area covered by the China’s “Belt and Road initiative”, and has also been one of China’s major partners in economy and culture. As the birth-place of Renaissance, Florence possesses unique cultural heritage. “The Path to Renaissance”, listed in the FDW 2018 highlight events, turned out a buzz that welcomed a constant stream of visitors within 3 days. 

文艺复兴9.jpgGuests at the exhibition

Curator Joo Zhou said that this exhibition places a concept starting from Renaissance, the great revolution of art, literature and philosophy that marked the beginning of modern history and explored humanity in a variety of unique expressions; and its theme, “The Path to Renaissance”, represents reflections not only of Chinese top industrial designs but also of the integration of traditional culture and modern design that describes the Chinese cultural characteristics and design pattern; besides, the exhibition venue, gallery at Palazzo Magnani Feroni is expected to bring the visitors back to the Renaissance Florence. 


Curator Ms Joo Zhou

The exhibition impresses with white cubes in various sizes that emphasize the exhibits placed in front of the wall paintings, creating a sense of contrast between simplicity and complexity. As basic elements, the cubes and cylinders that symbolized a transition from order to disorder offer more flexibility for the display, projecting an interpretation of culture industry development to which the designers selected by SPECT and CGD are making contribution. The exhibition, so to speak, tells the periodic achievements of China’s design.


Exhibition of “The Path to Renaissance”


Deputy General Manager Yao Yuan (L) from Xiamen AMOYSEN Design Communication Co., Ltd with guest experiencing CGD designs

The exhibition is one stop of the Contemparory Good Design Award Global Tour 2018 which has been successively represented in Red Dot Design Museum Essen in Germany, Centro Cultural de China en Madrid, China Cultural Centre in Malta, Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei. The exhibition tour won extensive acclaims throughout the community.


In the speech at the opening ceremony of CGD special exhibition in Essen, Germany, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Design Award remarked that it was the first time for both Red Dot Design Museum Essen and Europe to witness such an exhibition showcasing high-grade products from China. He said that the CGD exhibition represented the pluralism of Chinese culture and modernity of Chinese design. “It’s fascinating that a broader public have an access to how Chinese culture would benefit and be incorporated into the Chinese modern design which haven’t been known prior to the exhibition,” Prof. Dr. Peter Zec added.


CGD tour exhibition in Essen, Germany

Mario Azzopardi, Director of Director of Cultural Affairs of Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Councils, addressed at the opening ceremony of CGD tour exhibition in Malta that the exhibition perfectly combining the Chinese traditional and contemporary designs not only displays the booming Chinese contemporary design, but also raises the world’s awareness of the significance of Chinese economy on its contemporary design. “Design is the centre of innovation, noting that it’s a pleasure to see the emerging contemporary designers have created products that reflect aesthetics, performance and life, and deeply impressed with the insight that life breeds design,” Mario Azzopardi added.


CGD tour exhibition in Malta

Aiming at selecting the best designs in China, Contemparory Good Design Award was co-founded by Red Dot Design Award and Xiamen Culture Media Group. Since its founding in 2015, Contemparory Good Design Award has received over 6,000 designs in total and witnessed the success of over 400 products. With the help of authoritative, equal and professional jury panel and all-dimensional global promotion, Contemparory Good Design Award is making efforts to gain more exposure for the winners and to promote China’s design.