Contemparory Good Design Award: Leading the Audiovisual Revolution


As a City of Design, Shenzhen attracts numerous influential designers and design institutes from home and abroad. On June 13, 2018, at the invitation of Contemparory Good Design (CGD) Award organizer, top designers and enterprises representatives including Xu Shichen, Design Supervisor of 1More; Qu Sai, Design Manager of Skyworth A&T Creative Design Studio; Wang Gang, Deputy General Manager of LKK gathered and hold discussion about design’s impact on creating more path-breaking experience specifically in the era of intelligent home appliances innovation.


Group photo of guests

“LKK aims to create a consumer-oriented business model, so as to explore consumer demands, to construct the commercial chain carrier and to experiment with new ways to define a product.”

Wang Gang, Deputy General Manager of LKK


After 14 years of practice since its founding in 2004, LKK has becoming a group integrating innovation and design from an industrial design firm at the beginning. It wins many international awards in top design competitions, enjoying acclaims, reputations and realizing commercial values as many products are widely used both at work and in daily life. Wang Gang shared with the audience. 


X-Plus LED Display Screen, CGD Winner 2017


M-Pro LED Display Screen, CGD Winner 2017

 Technology is highly required in the process of innovation development. There are four principles to be followed including visual language, consistency, form and accessory quantity. To create a product, it requires a holistic point of view from clients’ demand to re-designing, from production to experience feedback, and follows the domestic consumption trend, he remarked, “we’re ready to work with our clients to accomplish more Chinese good designs.”

“Users’ needs should completely be the core in designs, and useless functions could never be a solution for users.”

Xu Shichen, Design Supervisor of 1More

  Xu Shichen is a renowned design professional owning plentiful experience in various fields such as brand building, business design, product development, user experience, etc. He holds over 30 patents for invention and is the winner of many world-class design competitions. His designs are available in the market across the globe. At this salon, he not only displayed his CGD awarded product but also put forward suggestions for design awards based on his own experience.


Xu Shichen said, thanks to the material graphene, this earphone offers the users perfect experience to fully enjoy video games, in aspects like ultra-low distortion, high sensitivity and high acoustic conductivity, and 1More has created various earphones for the users with different experience requirements.


1MORE iBFree 2.0 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone, CGD Winner 2017

“Analog, considered more important than drawing, is a key path to solve the structure issues in design. Sometimes, the focus on quality and specifics makes it a good design. So it’s a test if you can make the design be understood within 3 to 5 minutes. Moreover, the value of design will certainly be increased when it’s available for any emergency situation such as a disaster rescue other than just used in daily life, as it conveys love.” Xu added.


 “We bridge user and their home. User experience is vital in intelligent home appliances designs. The secret of Skyworth’s success lies in the coordination of design, programming and supply chain.”

Qu Sai, Design Manager of Skyworth A & T Creative Design Studio


 It’s the vision of Skyworth A & T Creative Design Studio to offer beautiful experience and healthy lifestyle and to create new China-style intelligent residence ecology for tens of millions of families in China. Qu Sai introduced the development of modern artificial intelligence from four aspects of policy, society, economy and technology.


Skyworth π Box, CGD Winner 2017

Qu introduced to the audience that the Skyworth intelligent residence ecology contains 8 systems taking into consideration 6 major living areas, and aims at establishing a comfortable, healthy, convenient, secure and energy-saving life.



CGD Gold Winner Salon in Shenzhen

Contemparory Good Design Award will continuously join hands with the enterprises and designers in more different cities in China to discuss how to further promote the industrial design.