Enjoy wind-speed travelling or elegant riding? CGD helps you find out.


Contemparory Good Design Gold Winner Salon 2018 has been held in more than ten cities in Chinaso far. On June 8, the salon toured in Changsha, a city located in Hunan Province in central China. Changsha city has a history of Eastern Asian culture of over three thousand years and it is now recognised as a world-famous metropolis for media arts. At Changsha salon, the CGD winners shared the design stories of their urban mobility products.


Group photo of all guests



“In pursuit of the speed with more emphasis on the quality, we also focus on the human care and the respect on religions.”

Wang Xiangyi, Industrial Designer of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.


In this busy era, high speed train becomes an ideal choice for travelling next to air flight. Industrial Designer Wang Xiangyi from CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., a company certified by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) as the National Industrial Design Centre of Railway Transportation Equipment, showcased the Malaysian ETS Meter-Gauge EMU, the first domestically-manufactured and exported highest speed meter-gauge EMU.



Malaysian ETS Meter-Gauge EMU, CGD Winner 2017



To meet the demand of passenger transportation from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh in Malaysia, this EMU fascinates with a bionic appearance of Long Pike and the color elements of Malaysian flag, integrating the religious needs of the Islamic prayers. The unique design won a wide range of appreciation and was awarded the Winner of CGD 2017.


“Aesthetics is the primary driving force. We want to translate what we dream into what we have, creating a life of art.”

Feng Shuang, Co-Founder of Huntas


Feng shared the story behind the Huntas, a CGD winner in 2017, from the inspiration to the final creation. Thanks to the passion for superior design of another Co-Founder Yang Yang, Huntas team spent 3 years of hard working with 4 times of re-designing and over 100 times of revisions on details and finally created this elegant wooden bicycle, the first of its kind in China.


Huntas bicycle impresses with the high quality Bubinga known for its well-balanced wood structure and the hardness that emphasizes its unique value as an art piece. The bicycle makes a harmonious combination of riding experience and aesthetics. Following a principle of well-thought-out design, Huntas is created with very strict technology: all hand-crafted and customization available, showing a regression of humanity and offering superior experience. 



By participating in and winning the CGD award, Huntas is offered with significant endorsement of this international design award and thus wins great attention from the society and the media. In addition, recommended by CGD, Huntas successfully established collaboration with the French designer brand LEXON, becoming the first and the only Chinese design team signedwiththe brand. With its bicycle selling in the LEXON stores worldwide, Huntas also successfully entered the shop of the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing in China. Such break-though enables the young brand to welcome a complete sell-out at the product release of its first batch of 100 bicycles. 


Huntas’s steps forward are more steady with such exciting achievement.“Bicycle is where we start, however,” said Feng Shuang, “what we can explore and create in the future is definitely more than that.”