CGD Tour Exhibition 2018 Makes an Appearance at Cultural Products Expo of Creati


The 9th Cultural Products Expo of Creative Chain opened on May 30th 2018 at Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei.



With a theme of “New Creativity of Design”, this expo opens until June 3rd. There’re 12 booths totaling over 1,000 square meters at this expo. 15 well-known agencies and nearly 100 cultural and creative companies participated in the expo to showcase about 500 design works from universities, enterprises and studios which were shown in 12 categories including short video, film & television, industrial design, software, game, handicraft, visual communication, concept, art, fashion and new technology as well as arts derivative products. 


30 winning products of Contemparory Good Design Award from Fujian province and Taipei made an appearance at the Expo to enhance the exchange of culture and creativity between young generations from both sides of Taiwan Strait and to promote the match-making of talents in the relevant industries.



Contemparory Good Design Award Winning Exhibition at Cultural Products Expo of Creative Chain