The fourth CGD kicked off on April 8, 2018


At the first day as the new season kicks off, tens of products have been registered. 

Since its foundation in 2015, Contemparory Good Design tailored to Chinese market has received over 6000 designs in total which covered over 20 countries and regions including China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea and Thailand, and witnessed the success of over 400 awarded designs.

Gather global wits and offer best experience to create value for participants! 


Fairness, earnestness and authoritativeness constitute the core of Contemparory Good Design with evaluation been responsible for by Red Dot Design Award. Among the successive international jury, there’re leading Chinese in design area, such as Prof. He Renke, director of the Chinese Industrial Design Education Committee and dean of the School of Design at Hunan University, Prof. Cai Jun, Director of the Design Management Research Lab in Tsinghua University, Vivian Wai-kwan Cheng with Hong Kong Design Institute and Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan, vice president of Shih-Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan as well as Prof. Song Kee Hong, deputy head at the Industrial Design Division, National University of Singapore. Besides, there’re well-known jurors around the world including Gordon Bruce, Vincent Créance, Wolfgang K.Meyer-Hayoz, Ken Nah, Aleksandar Tatic, Nils Toft, Martin Darbyshire, Jure Miklavc, Stefan Diez, Mårten Claesson.

The jury has a deep understanding of Chinese product designs, humanity environment, aesthetics and lifestyle, as well as the international market, thus CGD winning products feature global standards and Chinese characteristics. 

CGD 2018 is scheduled as below: 

Visit, and click the top-right “Registration” to get it started

Early bird: 8 Apr. – 16 May   800RMB/product

Regular: 17 May – 6 Jul.   1000RMB/product

Latecomer: 7 – 29 Jul.    1200RMB/product

Basic service: One-on-one guidance on registration

Customer manager will offer instruction to help participants complete the registration. 

Online-evaluation: 30 Jul. –5 Aug. 

Announcement of entries: 8 Aug.

On-site judging: 31 Aug. – 1 Sep.

Nominee service fee: 5000RMB/product

Basic service: On-site final evaluation

The Red Dot will be responsible for whole sessions of evaluation and 12 international jurors will gather in Xiamen to select final winners of CGD’s every distinctions based on on-site test and experience.

Exhibition at Xiamen International Design Week with over 1500sqm and 300,000 visitors estimated

During the Design Fair of XIDW 2018, all nominated designs will be displayed in the CGD Nominee Exhibition with an area of over 1500sqm and visitors expected to reach 300,000 in 4 days. It’s an opportunity to enhance brands’ reputation. 

Meet the jury one-on-one to learn and get inspired!

Every nominee is eligible to make an appointment with the jury member during the XIDW 2018, and will certainly be inspired through talks with these masters on extensive topics from details in designing to future design trends. 

CGD Award Ceremony & Designers’ Night: 2 Nov. 2018

Winner service fee: 

10,000RMB/product for Winner and Honourable Mention

20,000RMB/product for Gold Winner

Winner service: CGD certificate/trophy for Gold Winner

The certificate is a demonstration for firms and designers, to increase the enterprises’ sense of honor and achieve a greater development for designers. 

Package ticket for CGD Award Ceremony and Designers’ Night

Participate in the world-class CGD Award Ceremony and enjoy the celebration at Designers’ Night along with jury, well-known design agencies and designers. 


Permanent use of CGD label for winning products

The CGD label serves as an authoritative verification for top design.

Official photo

Official photo taken by professional photographer to capture the glory moment at award ceremony showcases winners’ the great achievement to the media and the industry. 

Online exhibition at official site

All winning products will be displayed in the online exhibition at official sites. 


The CGD official site is among the most visited design-related sites. Media from the globe, and enterprises, design agencies as well as designers will visit the site to follow the latest designs, and to establish business cooperation with winners. 

CGD tour exhibition at home and abroad

Winners enjoy an opportunity to join in the CGD tour exhibition to win exposure domestically and globally. 

The CGD tour exhibition has been successfully held in Milan, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Xiamen, Chengdu, Wuhan and Kunming, and received great attention and appreciation from the local government, media and the citizens. 

CGD Brand Ranking

Winners, including designers and companies will join in the CGD Brand Ranking. The CGD organizer will regularly release the latest ranking according to a variety of aspects such as awards, criticism of the industry, comments and arguments online, media attention, expert opinions, etc. The brand ranking is an extra point for winners to gain recognition. 

CGD Designers’ Club

Winners are eligible to join in the CGD Designers’ Club to participate in activities held by Red Dot, XIDW and CGD. 

CGD Yearbook

The CGD winners will be included in CGD Yearbook of the year as a reference for the top designers, design agencies and media worldwide. 

CGD Award Ceremony DVD

To replay the excellent and wonderful moments at CGD Award Ceremony

Exclusive CGD security code

The Exclusive CGD security code will be offered to verify the awards’ authenticity and exhibit winners’ design capability. 

Annual promotion services

CGD will provide annual promotion services with news reported by over 422 media and coverage of over 100 million people, to assist winners to gain recognition and boost their achievements in the market. 


Preferential access

Winners will have preferential access to the next CGD’s registration fee.  

For further info, please contact: 

WeChat: ChinaGoodDesignAward


Here we wish all participants the best achievement!