CGD Communication Salon Held in Xiamen


The China Good Design Award Communication Salon was successfully held in Times Art, Xiamen on Jun. 15th.

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A view of Times Art


Guests visiting around


Over 40 guests of enterprises and design institutes attended this salon and it was covered live by NetEase Fujian with over 32,000 people interacted online.


A view of the salon


Ms Wang Sihan (Wendy) from CGD organizing committee hosted the salon and Mr Xu Haiming was invited to deliver a speech. Mr Xu is general secretary of Xiamen Bath & Kitchen Association (XMBK), of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association.


XMBK gained great achievements with over 1000 patents in 2016, ranking top of the national bath and kitchen industry. As Mr Xu addressed, it’s a pleasure for all that CGD was set up in Xiamen, and XMBK will enhance participation in CGD in the new year.


Mr Xu Haiming


CGD executive Mr Chen Haoyang (C.R.) introduced CGD and winners services to the guests.


CGD provide opportunities for entrants with “Meet the Jury One-to-One”, same with Red Dot. Products that have won jury’s heart based on impartial and rigorous judging criteria will be included in CGD Yearbook of the year. CGD winning products and designers can be offered with more opportunities for communication and cooperation, Mr Chen said.


Besides, CGD will hold a selected exhibition in Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany in 2018, Mr Chen announced at the scene.

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CGD executive Mr Chen Haoyang (C.R.)

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Red Dot Design Museum


Furthermore, four wining designers and representatives of CGD 2015-2016 were invited to share stories.


Mini Tea Set T1, from Pertouch, won recognition of the jury and was awarded CGD Gold Winner in 2015.

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Mini Tea Set T1


Mr Ke Chunming, General Manager of Pertouch, shared the secrets of success with a topic on “to start your business with good design”.

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It’s considered as investment to devote in design. By participating in CGD taken as an evaluation and test for our products and communicating with the jury face to face, we realized the demerits of our products and points to be improved, shared Mr Ke.

The sale volume of Mini Tea Set T1 has been increased 20 percent after participation in CGD, he noted.

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Founder and chief designer Mr Lin Kai from Xiamen YIQITECH talked about his understanding of participating in international design awards.

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 Tianbao from Xiamen YIQITECH


Mr Lin, as one of the first industrial designers and graduated from The Art and Design College Xiamen Lenovo1 , Fuzhou University, had been confusing with the design environment in Xiamen. But he turned positive very soon when knowing that Red Dot headquarters in China was based in Xiamen and responsible for operation of CGD.

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Mr Lin encouraged enterprises and designers to participate in design competitions. CGD upholds strict international judging criteria, which will turn out to be a driver for enterprises to make high-quality products, for designers to pursue supreme design to achieve success in the market, he reckoned.  

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Mr Lin Kai, founder and chief designer of Xiamen YIQITECH


Mr Lai Guolian, chief designer from Leedarson introduced the brand vision of “explore China’s fine lights and make China’s good designs, and shared stories behind.

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The Dancer – hollow velly, Leedarson


After having been brewing for over a year, Leedarson finally achieved great triumph in CGD 2016 with 3 Winners, as well as in Red Dot and iF later.

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CGD is an excellent platform in helping enterprises explore the global design environment and win more exposures. Leedarson, a brand that contains oriental humanity aesthetics, is believed to blossom in “the Path to Success” of CGD, added Mr Lai.

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Mr Lai Guolian, chief designer of Leedarson


Mr Yang Gang, co-founder of  Zhao Mengzhe, looked back on how he’s connected with CGD.

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Mr Yang talked about the challenges and hard times when the firm firstly founded, and shared plentiful experiences with the guests.

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He proposed the idea “brand is tactic” and mentioned the significance of participating in CGD. As he added, they’ll optimize products further to aim at CGD Gold Winner.

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Mr Yang Gang, co-founder of Zhao Mengzhe


At the end, guests took photos together to capture the special moment and exchanged ideas with each other at the lovely Times Art.

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Guests took photos


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