Explore the Magical Designs among CGD Winners and Nominated Designs 2017


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The China Good Design Award Winners and Nominations Exhibition opened in Hall A1, Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center (XICEC) on Nov. 3rd. Over 600 nominations and over 100 winners were displayed.


Selected products

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Various earphones, blue-tooth sound speakers, and loudspeakers will take you explore the world of music. As music continues, fun will never end.

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A lamp will fill the room with warmness. These diverse lamps will light up your life and world. 


The tiny body holds great wisdom yet. Fresh yourself up with a pot of tea releasing aroma anytime and anywhere.


More love returns with more pleasure. Watch your baby and keep them company and make it safer for babies to grow.


Want to greet the visitors easier and enjoy more? The small WiFi doorbell and appealing stone to purify water would offer a hand. 


This CGD exhibition is followed by supportive events including CGD Award Ceremony, Designers’ Night, and Meet the Jury One-to-One. During the same time, Xiamen International Design Week – Red Dot in China 2017 will be held as well as Red Dot Exhibition in XICEC. We’ll be waiting for your visit!