Opinions on CGD entries by Prof. Song Kee Hong


Meet the Jury One-to-One will be held in Hall A1 of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center from Nov. 3rd to 4th. Before that, let’s meet Prof Song Kee Hong in advance who will join in the activity then.

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Prof. Song Kee Hong is a deputy head at the Industrial Design Division, National University of Singapore. He is also the design director at cross-disciplinary consultancy Design Exchange and has more than two decades of design experience, including work at global innovation consultancy Ziba in the US and at HP. He has worked with notable brands across diverse industries including Apple, Dell, Epson, HP, Intel, Lenovo, P&G, Philips, Sanyo, Sennheiser, and WelchAllyn. His portfolio lists over twenty international design awards. He currently serves as an executive committee member in the Design Business Chamber Singapore and has previously served on the advisory committees of National University of Singapore’s School of Design and Environment, Singapore government’s Ministry of Education’s Design and Technology programme, Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and the Singapore Design Council.


In terms of CGD entries and current Chinese industrial design, Prof. Song holds the views that entries this year have been improved significantly in quality, manufacturing technology and show international features which make them more suitable for international market. Meanwhile, the internationalization of Chinese industrial design is being enhanced. As the Chinese products sold worldwide, it’s necessary for Chinese industrial design to change to meet various styles.


One tea set among the entries impressed Prof. Song very much. People may find it hard to make breakthroughs in tea set for it’s a traditional item existed for hundreds of years. However, this tea set is modernized by using modern technology, and it strikes a balance among technology, functionality and visual appeals, he explained.

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Regarding the aspects to be improved, Prof. Song made a suggestion that designers should consider to enhance the link between design and users, to pay more attentions to the market of those export regions and make a change if necessary.


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