China Good Design Award Communication Salon Successfully Held in Shanghai!


China Good Design Award Communication Salon organized by Red Dot was successfully held in Shanghai on June 7, 2017.

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Guests check-in

Over 50 enterprises, design institutes and cooperative media attended the salon and it’s hosted by Ms. Li Sha, Deputy Director of and covered live by

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Ms. Li Sha, Deputy Director of, hosting the salon


This salon was held in HnR Space, First Floor of HnR Group Building in Shanghai. Art Director of HnR Space Ms. Wang Yufang introduced its running concepts and information on events organizing for the guests.


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Ms. Shi Jieyu (Venus), General Manager of Red Dot Headquarters in China


Ms. Shi Jieyu (Venus) introduced how China Good Design Award provides professional service for brands and helps them achieve success in the China market. “In the new season, China Good Design Award will continually adhere to fairness, rigour and internationalization and look for progress along with more enterprises and design institutes”, said Ms. Shi Jieyu.

Four designers as CGD Gold Winner in 2015-2016 shared with guests present wonderfully!

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Mr. Li Xiaowen, Industrial Design Director of Ecovacs Robotics Co., Ltd

Mr. Li Xiaowen shared the journey of how Ecovacs, as a traditional manufacturer, creates remarkable market performance by design and technology innovation as well as unceasing efforts to more accurate product oriention.

“Demands of Chinese consumers are the base of China’s good design. The difference of China market results in distinctiveness in products design and R&D. By participating in China Good Design, we made our products seen and known by consumers, in the meantime, our products got notice from enterprises as a result of constantly improvement requested by consumers”, remarked Mr. Li.

Ecovacs gains more trust in the market through CGD. As a local Chinese brand, it gradually wins praise in the global market and good performance as well.

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Mr. Chen Li, Head of Experts & Design Team Managing of Dahua Technology Co., Ltd


Mr. Chen Li introduced how Dahua helps designers grow and gains market recognition for the products by creating a great platform system.

“Our focus is to be an incubator for good product and good design. We wish consumers and distributors accept our products, for which we’ve been working”, talked Mr. Chen Li.

With diversity and focus on the depth and breadth in products and system R&D, My Eyes from Dahua Technology Co., Ltd was awarded China Good Design Gold Winner in 2016.

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Mr. Zeng Wei, COO and Co-Founder of Shanghai Orangeade Health Technology Co., Ltd


Most of time, consumers put away the fitness products for the dull using experience after buying them.Yesoul Smart Cycling, the Gold Winner of CGD 2016, is apparentlya successful case.It brings more fun for workout through the smart interaction function and live courses.

“It’s comparable to hire a coach or buy a gym membership.”

Though Shanghai Orangeade Health Technology Co., Ltd is a startup, it won not only CGD Gold Winner but also consumers’ hearts via superb industrial design which combined business mode and market demand excellently.

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Mr. GaoFenglin, Founder and Design Director of Nanoin


With sharing on “What design exactly meets customers’ need and what is good design”, Mr. Gao proposed the methodology “Mirco design”.

Micro design set focus on the harmonious relation of people, object and environment in the perspective of Chinese philosophers. It utilizes the environment resources economically by observing and improving products from the most subtle and tiniest angle and helps people keep the right way in barter. For design, less is better”, Mr. Gao said.

Design could be subversive creations but also tiny and sweet changes. With such a design concept, Meditation Seat Ware, the design with traditional oriental lifestyle, finally filled the gap of hunker-down seat ware in the furniture history after a long time of attempts. It won a place in the fiercely competitive international market and earned the acclaim of CGD jury.

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Group photos of guests


This CGD Communication Salon (Shanghai) is successfully concluded. In the upcoming days, the relevant activities such as CGD Winner Exhibition, design experience communication salon will be held in more cities.

We wish more enterprises, design institutions and designers access achievements in the CGD platform.