Talk to Cheng-Chong Yao


The CGD on-site judging has come to an end, let’s review the interview with Cheng-Chong Yao.

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Cheng Chung Yao studied at the Pratt Institute New York and graduated with a Master’s degree in architecture. In 1991, he founded the Department of Interior Space Design at Shih Chien University and has worked as a lecturer at the Graduate School of Architecture at Tam Kang University as well as at the Graduate School of Architecture at Chiao Tung University. In 1999, he founded “t1 design” where he heads a team of architects and interior designers as well as exhibition and graphic designers. The company’s best-known products include the Theater Terrace of National Theater & Concert Hall, the City Plaza of Taiwan Pavilion of the 2010 Shanghai Expo, the Taiwan Design Museum and the Taiwan Design Center. Furthermore, Cheng Chung Yao curated and designed the International Interior Design Exhibition for the Expo, was president of the Chinese Society of Interior Designers, chief executive of the Asia Pacific Space Designers Foundation, board member of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers and founder of the Taiwan Interior Design Award.

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Q: This is the first time you’ve been invited to be a CGD juror, what’s the reason to attract you?


A: Nowadays, the innovation design power is becoming national competitiveness and good designs would be an image of a country. China Good Design is a stage for global design competition and communication, as well as a platform to learn and study design. China is now on the way to internationalization, meaning that China is expected to open-up and to cultivate China’s modern design. China needs more design awards with international impact to lead China’s modern design to the world.



Q: How do you define China Good Design Award?


A: Good designs are inspired by imagination and practice for beautiful life. Modern design respects responsibility in culture, society and environment while follows the design principles in function, simplicity and aesthetics. Chinese culture advocates truth, kindness and beauty, which is in accordance with sincere and beautiful universal value that modern design believes. I hope CGD will strive to establish the universal value with Chinese culture characteristics for modern design.



Q: Taiwan Interior Design Award (TIDA) has been established for 10 years and it makes great achievements. How do you see the difference between general design competition and industrial ones?


A: General design competition has multiple indicators and participants pay lots of attentions to its commercial influence. By winning an award, participants win attention of media and public and enhance the brands’ image and reputation. While industrial design competition focuses more on profession and is an arena for designers particularly. Take the example of TIDA, it improves the advancement of professions and industries, besides, it’s also our aim to cultivate and promote the excellent and up-and-coming designers.