CGD On-site Judging Has Come to A Close Successfully


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The CGD On-site Judging 2017 has come to an end successfully. 12 international jurors gathered in Xiamen to hold the assessment, and selected the most outstanding designs of this CGD with a professional, rigorous and impartial attitude.



The organizing committee arranged the site in accordance with international standards before the assessment officially started. Over 600 designs were located, cleaned and tested at the scene to make thorough preparation for the judging.

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This year, there are 5 Chinese jurors among the international jury. The proportion of Chinese jurors was increased compared to last year. Apart from their extensive judging experience, the jury has a deep understanding of Chinese products, consumers and market, therefore not only international criteria but also Chinese characteristics were taken into consideration during the assessment.


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According to the jury, design quality of this CGD has been increased significantly compared to the past years, meaning that the Chinese design power is increasing as the products upgrade rapidly, that product designs are becoming more and more competitive in Chinese market.


The final result was submitted to the organizing committee after a strict evaluation and will be announced in the Award Ceremony to be held on Nov. 3rd, 2017.