First "China Good Design" Communication Salon at Taipei


New season of China Good Design Award 2017 is now calling for entry!


The categories of China Good Design Award 2017 are now increasing from 31 to 47, covering broader fields of product designs.

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Early Bird: 21 April - 20 May

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Latecomer: 26 June - 25 July

On 21st April, the official kick-off date of China Good Design Award 2017, the first CGD Communication Salon in Taiwan region was successfully held in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei. General Manager Shi Jieyu (Venus) and Deputy General Manager Yao Yuan (Shirley) from the organising committee of China Good Design Award ­­­– Xiamen AMOYSEN Design Communication Co., Ltd made a detailed introduction for over 40 personages from local design industry and business community, allowing more local enterprises and design institutions to understand and participate in CGD Award 2017.

6.jpgMs. Shi Jieyu (Venus)

General Manager of Xiamen AMOYSEN Design Communication Co., Ltd

This salon was warmly welcomed and strongly supported by the local design industry and media. Personages including Ms. Joy Wen-Hsuan Cheng, Executive Director of Red Dot Taiwan Ltd, Mr. Cheng Chung Yao, famous designer and juror of Red Dot Design Award, Ms. Abby Hsieh, Managing Director of Marketing Communications of Ogilvy Public Relations, as well as representatives from CIDA, CSID, Shih Chien University, Frontpoint Design Comapny, UNI Air, FunDesign, dfun, etc. attended the salon.

5.jpgMedia and coporate representatives at the salon

“Mainland China is now steping into the very crucial phase of the third consumption upgrade. As a result, innovation becomes the keynote of the economic advancement. We like to see more and more participation of Taiwan-designed products in CGD Award. We believe that, under international standards, professional judging procesures, a pattern of opening up and vigorous publicity of the competition, CGD Award will help its participants gain market regcontion,” Ms. Shi Jieyu (Venus) remarked in her speech. 


Damo, designed by Seed Lighting Design Co., Ltd, Taiwan 

awarded winner of CGD Award 2016

台北推介会产品图.jpgPlanet, designed by Seed Lighting Design Co., Ltd, Taiwan 

awarded winner of CGD Award 2016

41493953808_.pic_hd.jpgNomination Exhibition of CGD Award 2016

On the afternoon of 20th April, at the invitation of the 8th Cross-strait Cultural and Creative Industries Exhibition & “Internet +” Matchmaking Forum on Silk Road Cultural Relics and Intellectual Property, Ms. Shi Jieyu (Venus) and Ms. Yao Yuan (Shirley) introduced CGD Award to the audiences from the cultural and creative industries how to seize more opportunities to win more market by participating in the industrial design competitions.


Ms. Shi Jieyu (Venus) in her speech

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