Is Your Pillow from 300 Years Ago?


The first China Good Design Award (CGD), co-launched by the Red Dot Design Award and Xiamen Culture Media Group as an emerging international design award in China, recently closed. However, the brilliance of design continues to shine.

16 products were chosen among 999 design pieces across the globe as Gold Winner of the first CGD award. Pilo is one of them. In the Dialogue program of CCTV, Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award, specifically pointed out that he was impressed by Pilo.

Since three hundred years ago, people from Europe, India and China have been replacing the traditional stiff pillows with soft ones filled with feathers, cotton fiber and chaffs. Today, space technology has popularized the use of memory foam, the biomechanical characteristics of which make it a new direction of pillows’ development. So, are you still using pillows from three hundred years ago?

The appearance, materials and functions of Pilo are innovations of the products. Though having edges like stones, Pilo is in fact soft as feathers. The special app of Pilo can also play music to help users sleep.

The appearance of Pilo is designed by biomechanical experts and industrial designers after researching into massive ergonomic statistics. The polyhedral structure of Pilo fits the curves of human’s head, shoulders and neck, therefore, Pilo provides users the most comfortable experiences whatever their sleeping postures are. The combination of biomechanics and geometrical aesthetics creates the wise, simple and novel design of Pilo.

Another highlight of Pilo is the invisible audible units inlayed. Made of flexible material, the units disappear into the pillow completely. The low-impedance elements can give out sound without the need of power source. Meticulous adjustments have been done to ensure the high fidelity of audios.

The details of Pilo show meticulous care for its users. The pillowcase of Pilo employs the "air layer" fabric, which remains tactile in all environments, and its linings adopts the soft and elastic milk fiber. Besides, the design of the zipper facilitates the process of changing and washing.

What is even more surprising is the app of Pilo, specially designed to improve users’ sleep. The app contains natural sounds, audio mixing made by top audio editing team as well as professional recording, the soft material of which harmonious fits the pillow core. The audios are examined by professional psychological consultant to create a soothing environment for sleeping. It is said that thousands of users suffering from insomnia have benefited from the app.

The Designers of Pilo

Pilo is co-designed by Mr. He Zhengdong and Mr. Yi Linqi. Mr. Yi Linqi is a new industrial designer. Mr. He Zhengdong is currently the art director of Soundario Ltd. with abundant experiences in graphic design, web product design and industrial design. He was a member of the Architectual Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University as well as the photographer and picture director of Modern Weekly and New Weekly.

When talking about the concept of Pilo, Mr. He Zhengdong remarked, "The materialization of ergonomic statistics is fascinating, especially when these statistics were acquired from actual people. What I did was the cross-medium transcription of statistics to guarantee the purity of this process."