Homey Warmth for Office Workers


To bring the warmth of home to office workers who generally eat out, designer Chen Junfeng designed a bento box named "Purity Nature". In the first Contemparory Good Design award, Purity Nature has won the favor of nine leading figures in the field of industrial design and was given the honor of Gold Winner.

With the combination of ceramic black-and-white and the natural wood grain, Purity Nature is a type of bento box with a special homelike touch distinct from other products on the market. Its design brings the users the warmth of home while fulfilling the fundamental function of carrying meals. The utilization of wood grain adds a sense of simplicity, freshness and sweetness. As designer Chen explained, "Wood is the most commonly-used material in home decoration, so wood grain became my first choice when designing a homey bento box. It is also the first time that wood grain has been used in the design of meal boxes."

Apart from the aesthetics of the product, the practical applicability of the bento box has also been emphasized. In the aspect of material selection, the product uses durable and ceramic-like PBT material. In terms of functions, besides the basic functions of portability, attached cutlery and microwave heatability, the product has several humane practical features: first, the air vent on the lid can preserve the water content and nutrition of food during microwave heating; second, the double-deck design can satisfy the users’ need of flexible capacity; third, the attached chopsticks can be assembled to an appropriate length, the ingenious structure of which solves the contradiction of portability and practicability.